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Heritage Funding

Closing date Areas covered Fund details
Ongoing Northern Ireland
The Paul Hamlyn Foundation

An independent grant-making body funding organisations whose charitable activities help people to realise their potential and have a better quality of life. Click here for further information.
September 2006 Rep. of Ireland

National Irish Bank

Community Grants

All groups which are actively engaged in the areas of knowledge, culture and recreational sports locally may apply for support, with the exception of businesses and individuals. For further information click here.
Ongoing Ireland

Irish Georgian Society

There are no closing dates for Irish Georgian Society grants, as the Irish Georgian Society Conservation and Grants Committee meets every three months and deals with whatever is on the table. So if you consider your period property to be of architectural significance and in need of conservation then please contact the Irish Georgian Society to obtain a Grant Application form and a Grants Condition Form.

Irish Georgian Society
74 Merrion Square
Dublin 2
Tel: 01 676 7053
Fax: 6620290/ Website: / Email:
Ongoing Nine counties of Ulster

Ulster Local History Trust

Publication grants

The Ulster Local History Trust gives a limited number of small grants, usually less than £1,000, towards local history publications in Ulster.

Click here for more information.
Ongoing Northern Ireland Heritage Lottery Fund

Awards for All (£500 to £5,000)

If you are a local group and you need between £500 and £5,000 then Awards for All may be able to help you.

In partnership with other National Lottery distributors, we make grants through Awards for All to involve people in their local community and bring them together to take part in a wide range of activities.

Awards for All grants are made to small community groups, parish/town councils, schools and health bodies.

Through Awards for All we want to widen the appreciation and understanding of heritage and extend experiences of different types of heritage. We also want to encourage local communities to participate in heritage activities.

Click here to find out more about this fund.

Ongoing Cavan and Monaghan Cavan/Monaghan Rural Development

Grant aid for projects under natural, social, cultural heritage in Cavan/Monaghan region. Projects to be complete by the end of 2006. Further information from Heritage Officer, Niamh McGrath,
Ongoing Ulster Ulster Community Investment Trust
Founded in 1995, this organisation provides loans and financial advice to community economic sector in Northern Ireland and the Border Counties of the Republic of Ireland.
26 May 2006 County Monaghan Monaghan County Council's Community Development Fund

Monaghan County Council has officially launched the Community Development Fund 2006. The Community Development Fund now in its sixth year has assisted over 200 community groups in their activities since 2001. The Fund, amounting to €100,000 per annum, aims to support Community & Voluntary groups in improving the quality of life in their areas, through promoting social inclusion, increased economic, recreational and social activities.

Grant aid will be considered for a range of initiatives under two measures

1. Community Infrastructural supports

Small infrastructural projects, Community Enterprise projects, Public amenities and Facilities, Social and Recreational Facilities

2. Community Development supports

Community development activities, Seminars, Events and Publications, Community Festivals, Community Development training, Activities that promote social inclusion.

The grant programme is not intended as a replacement or a substitute for other major funding initiatives operating in the County; rather, it is designed to complement them. Grant assistance from the Community Development Fund can be used to support groups in meeting some portion of their match funding requirements for projects being funded by EU and other sources.

Groups interested in applying for funding under the County Council's Community Development Fund, can download application forms from the County Council's website under the Community & Enterprise heading or from the Community Development fund section on the County Development Board website,

Application forms may also be collected at any branch library, Council Area Office or Town Council. The maximum funding available to projects from the Community Development Fund is €5,000. The average grant allocated to groups in 2005 was €1,500

Closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 26th May 2006

Competed application forms to be returned to:

Director of Community & Enterprise, Community & Enterprise, Motor Tax Building, Market Street, Monaghan, phone 047 38140.
14 Apr. 2006 UK & other countries Mackichan Bursary Trust

Contact Details:
Honorary Secretary
Aros- Towerside
NE66 6RF
Phone: 016 6557 4335

The Trustees of this Scottish Registered Charity make awards in the following history/archaeological subjects;-
1.      Research into any aspect of history relating to Scotland, especially North and West Scotland, but including links with Ireland, England, Scandinavia, Europe, The Emigrant Countries.etc.
2.      Research and Investigation of an archaeological topic relating to Scotland or involving Scottish links with the outside world.
3.      Study of a genealogical/historiographic topic covering any Scottish family or clan.
4.      A place-name/ onomastic topic relating to Scotland, or with Scottish place-name elements or with Scotland e.g Ireland, Scandinavia. Language studies relating to Scottish history.
5.      Attendance at a recognised academic conference on historical, genealogical, or related topic.
6.      The trust deeds indicate that applications for wider based studies in history or archaeology will be considered by the adjudicators if an insufficient number of applicants of a suitable standard do not come forward under categories 1-5. Thus, whilst Catherine Mackichan was particularly interested in mediaeval history, the trust deeds state that this should be taken into account but not to the exclusion of applicants with non-mediaeval subjects provided they come within the above categories.

Applicants from academic centres not necessarily confined to the United Kingdom are welcome to apply, as are schools and individuals attending school or college.

Applicants not formally attached to academic institutions are encouraged (the trust deeds specifically mention the unwaged and senior citizens).

Group applications from schools or local history societies will be considered. Applications receive particular consideration if their subject is for work for which they are unable to obtain funding through normal channels or if their work is an extension of a topic previously funded through these channels. The deeds also state that in exceptional circumstances a topic will be considered or with those listed.

Grants of up to £5,000 are available.

How to Apply

Application forms are available from:
Mr I. Fraser, ViceChairman, The Catherine Mackichan Trust, School of Scottish Studies, 27 George Square,
Edinburgh, EH8 9LD or The Hon, Secretary at the contact address.

A stamped addressed A4 size envelope should accompany each request for an application form. Successful applicants must be prepared to enter into agreement with the Trustees in accordance with the standard contract.

The closing date for the receipt of applications sent to the above address is the 14th April . Recommended that applications should not received before the 1st January. Information of a general nature concerning the work of the Catherine Mackichan Trust is available from The Hon. Secretary. Duplication of the application form is permitted.

31 Mar. 2006

Republic of Ireland

Heritage Council of Ireland Grant 2006

Buildings at Risk

The Heritage Council is seeking applications for imaginative and innovative proposals from organisations and individuals who wish to carry out projects that conserve Ireland’s heritage.

More than €2.3 million of National Lottery funding has been allocated to seven grant schemes for 2006. The application date for all schemes except the Buildings at Risk programme has passed. The Buildings at Risk scheme will remain open until 31st March 2006.

Click here for further information.

10 Feb. 2006 Republic of Ireland

Heritage Council of Ireland

Biodiversity Fund 2006

The Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government has announced the establishment of a Biodiversity Fund, in line with the recommendations contained in the COMHAR Recommendations on the Implementation and Review of the National Biodiversity Plan. The objective of this Fund is to support site conservation and management for the enhancement of biological diversity at the local level.  The Minister has requested the Heritage Council to administer this Fund to assist in the implementation of the National Biodiversity Plan and furthering the Government’s commitment to enhancing Ireland’s biological diversity.

A sum of  €500,000 is available for the Biodiversity Fund in 2006.

Click here for more information

31 Jan. 2006

All of Ireland

The Ireland Fund Grants 2006

The Ireland Fund is accepting applications from groups for funding in 2006 in the areas of Arts & Culture, Community Development, Education and Peace and Reconciliation.

For further information click here.

21 Jan. 2006

Republic of Ireland

Heritage Council of Ireland Grant 2006

Unpublished Excavations Scheme

As part of its strategy to encourage the collection and dissemination of heritage information the Heritage Council has identified the dissemination of information from significant archaeological investigations as a continuing priority area. The Council is inviting archaeologists who would like financial assistance in the completion and publication of their excavation reports to make application to the Council before Friday 21st January 2006.

Click here for more information.

23 Dec. 2005 Republic of Ireland VOLT small grants scheme

Would you like €1,000 for your organisation to invest in valuing and celebrating your volunteers?

Applications and guidelines are available from VOLT, Volunteering Ireland, Coleraine House, Coleraine Street, Dublin 7, Ireland, phone: (01) 872 2622, fax: (01) 872 2623, email:  or can be downloaded from the Volunteering Ireland website.
Ongoing Northern Ireland

Community Relations and Cultural Diversity Grant Scheme

The Community Relations Council, with the support of Government, has established a fund of approximately £400,000 to spend each year on community relations projects.  This funding is intended to help community/voluntary groups throughout Northern Ireland develop their capacity to engage in community relations work and to enhance the community relations potential of projects they undertake.

The scheme is aimed at locally based groups such as community development groups, cultural organisations, women's groups, church groups, tenants associations and other organisations and groups involved in community relations, reconciliation projects and cultural engagement.

For further information click here.

Several grant programmes
Fermanagh The Fermanagh Trust
A registered charity, established in 1995 to promote any charitable purpose, and to support initiatives which will lead to social and community development with the county. For information on the Trust's grants, click here.
Ongoing Northern Ireland Esme Mitchell Trust Grants

Contact Details
Mrs H Mullan
Executor and Trustee Services
Northern Bank Executor & Trustee Co Ltd-PO Box 183
Donegall Square West
Belfast BT1 6JS
Phone: 028 9089 3292

The objects of the trust are general charitable purposes in Ireland as a whole but principally in Northern Ireland.

It has a particular interest in
    •      heritage,
    •      culture
    •      the arts

One third of its grant-making total goes to heritage bodies. No time limits have generally been set on grants.

The Trust has on occasions given grant assistance over a period of 2-3 years but in general tries not to become involved in commitments of a long term nature.

How to Apply

There is no formal application form. Applicants should submit three copies of the following:
    •      Concise description of proposed project;
    •      Recent statement of accounts and balance sheet;
    •     A copy of the constitution;
    •      Details of tax and legal or charitable status;
    •      A copy of the latest annual report;
    •      A list of committee officers;
    •      Information on other sources of finance;
    •      A contact address and telephone number.
    •      To avoid delay in considering applications the Trust Advisors require a copy of the most recent financial accounts and the Inland Revenue Charities Division reference number with the original application.

It is most unlikely that applications from individuals wishing to undertake voluntary service or further education will be successful.

This project has been funded by a grant from the Heritage Council of Ireland. It has also received funding from Cavan-Monaghan Rural Development Co-op under the National Rural Development Programme. Funded by the Irish Government and part-financed by the European Union under the National Development Plan 2000-2006.